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  1. Beautiful Chinook salmon

    Joe Baits cought at Campbell River BC.
  2. Yelloweye rockfish

    Rob cought this fish from 300ft deep! Quadra Island BC.
  3. Double header chinook

    Mr Koujima and his son had a double hit chinook salmon! Campbell River BC.
  4. Big chinook salmon

    This fish weight 32lb Tyee. Campbell River BC Fishing charters.
  5. King and Prawns

    Fish King Salmon and prawns same time!
  6. The God Country

    Early season Bute Inlet near Campbell River BC. Fishing chartres.
  7. Nice catch

    Ken holds 23lb chinook salmon off Campbell River BC, Salmon Fishing.
  8. Big one!

    Jaimy cought lagest fish for their trip, at south end of Quadra Island BC.
  9. Bright fish!

    Chrome salt water salmon, Campbell River BC.
  10. Doubl strike!

    Denis and Kevin hold 23lb and 16lb chinook salmon, Campbell river BC.
  11. Chinook Salmon Fishing off Quadra Island

    Campbell River BC Canada
  12. Salmon Fishing charters Campbell River BC

    Dave and giant chinook Salmon
  13. Big Fight!!!

    Salmon fishing charaters Campbell River BC, Quadra Island BC.
  14. young lady cought this big salmon

    Campbell River salmon fishing guiges